The Emotional Side of Weight Loss

The Emotional Side of Weight Loss

Join me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. My next challenge, attacking and overcoming the mental chains that prevent me from being the healthiest, happiest person that I am meant to be!


Are You a Weekend Warrior!?

Are You a Weekend Warrior!?

What are you doing this weekend to be active!?

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Here is my newest blog on Blogger…..please check it out and let me know what you think!

When Small Steps Turn into Big Steps

When Small Steps Turn into Big Steps

This post is an explanation of where my journey to better health started. I encourage you to read and comment on my other blog.


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World of Shoe Box

World of Shoe Box

For anyone curious, this is the URL to one of the blogs I am responsible for. The items carried by this store are all of incredible quality and worth checking out. We are soon rolling out our brand new website where you will be able to purchase Naot shoes directly from the store! Let me know what you think  of this blog and join our circle if you are interested!

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Welcome to our blog! This is a new adventure for me. I have been blogging for a local retail blog for a while now and thought that I would like to share our family journey with you. We are, as said in our “About” page, an average family. We just happen to have 2 Mommies instead of 1 Mom and 1 Dad. Every aspect of our lives have an extra dose of estrogen which, at times, can add humour or challenges to our experiences. Sometimes having 2 Moms that are “in charge” can be a struggle while at the same time it is a most loving, caring environment that I would not change for the world!

I am in early 40’s and am a school supply teacher. I am also on a mission to change my lifestyle to be healthier. These are the things I will blog about; my family and children, occurrences that are of interest from work and anything and everything relating to a healthy lifestyle. I hope you join me on this journey our life. You may be interested how a “same-sex” couple and family live, or you may know us personally or just find our blog interesting. No matter what the reason you are reading this blog I thank you and encourage you to follow along as we share our life’s adventure with you. I look forward to reading your replies and comments to my various posts. 


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