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Are You a Weekend Warrior!?

Are You a Weekend Warrior!?

What are you doing this weekend to be active!?

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Motivational Moment

Motivational Moment

After yesterday’s post I found this on my Facebook page. As far as I can tell it was originally posted by Bob Harper….one of my absolute favourite health and fitness coaches. Why is it we as a society keep looking backwards instead of focusing our time and energies into our future? The past is done; it can’t be changed. We must learn from it (yes both the good and the bad) and move forward. Today I am making the decision to move forward and focus only on the future. I will not allow the past to trip me up or sabotage my journey to better health! How are you choosing to “not look back” today?

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My Healthier Lifestyle Rut…..

Over a year ago I started on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. In July 2012 I gave up all things chocolate. Yes you read this correctly….absolutely no chocolate.  Now I know you have read my other posts…so you realize that it is possible to live without chocolate and not lose your mind……at least not completely!

Other changes over the past year include less fast-food and more whole foods like quinoa and home made granola bars. Another big change was an increase in physical activity. I joined a gym in April and until July I attended regularly……then came summer. Since then I have struggled but thought that  would simply go back to “normal” in the fall. Well here we are…..September 16th and I have been back to the gym twice.

I have decided that I need a higher level of accountability to help me get back to my 5 days a week routine of working out. I have to pick myself, dust myself off and get back into the swing of this journey. The funny thing is that I truly enjoyed going and working out! I LOVE the people who work at my gym. They are encouraging and are always there to help. I often met my sister-in-law there and even if I was there alone I like to read my book while I did my cardio. I felt AMAZING after my workout and had so many fewer aches and pains…….and SO much more energy! So what is my problem!?

My problem is…….

Well gee if I knew that I wihld not be feeling this way. I have some thoughts that I will explore more over the next few days. Tonight I want to throw my dilemma out to our Worldpress community, not for sympathy, but in hopes to hear how others have experienced this rut and what helped them to get refocused on their journey.

So I would like to hear from you. If you are currently in a similar kind of rut maybe this exercise will help both of us to not just get back on trck besause it is the right thing to do but re-spark the passion that somwhow has been lost.

Thanks  for being part of my journey. I look forward to writing my next chapter together!


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