Daily Appreciations

In follow-up to yesterday’s post this is my “Daily Appreciations” page that I will edit daily. In a world that goes by at an amazingly dizzy speed we need to slow down and appreciate the little things in our daily lives. These are some of mine;

– Today my wife and I were able to go out shopping together (sans children) for the first time in……well……I don’t know….years!! It was relaxing, it was stress-free. We did not have to keep our eyes on our little ones and we had time to just wander at a slow pace. It was nice not to have to go at break-neck speed to get as much done before our Chicklets reached “maximum capacity”! We will definitely have to make this a habit…especially as Christmas gets closer!

– yesterday I really struggled with my emotions. At one point I went outside for some “me time” to cool down and although I was in a fowl mood the sun started to shine and warm my body. It was like the clouds were suddenly wiped aside and I was being bathed in the loving arms of nature. I didn’t have a chance…..there was no WAY I could stay in a bad mood! I really appreciated God (the name I give my higher power) seeing my in emotional distress and lovingly helping me into a better place.


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