Few phrases have the ability to change one’s life forever;

I love you…

Will you marry me…

I do…

All of these phrases surround us in a whirlwind of emotions.

We relish in the glow of the moment and watch our lives and love grow and change,

But we, as individuals, do not drastically change as a result of these spoken words.

We are going to have a baby…

This one short phrase

This one simple moment in time

Changes our lives forever.

Months of anticipation, appointments, planning.

Months of hopes, fears, and waiting

Wondering how your life will change

Wondering who this baby will be

Waiting to feel the first kick

Waiting to feel the first labour pain

And then…

That moment comes that redefines you

That moment that ends all of the waiting

That one phrase that completes you

“Congratulations, it’s a GIRL!”

Sheri Gaetz

Dedicated to the three Chicklets that have forever changed my essence and my life.


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