Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words!

Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words!

I never really believed it when my mother used to tell me, “Sheri, your actions always speak louder than your words.” Even into my 20’s and 30’s and I became a wife and mom I could always find ways to not listen to this sage advice. It was not until I hit my late 30’s that I took this phrase to heart, especially in regard to relationships.

If someone really cares for you, they will show you. Sure it is nice to hear them express their feelings, but really most friendships are not based on words of love and caring. These close relationships show that the person cares.

It can be a harsh reality when you tune into the actions of a friend or loved one and realize that they are showing that they do not care about you at all. You may deny it, or excuse it, but when your heart and mind are both ready to face the facts you will finally accept the truth. You then have a choice to make. What do you do about this particular relationship?

The post I re-blogged yesterday had a great comment that I want to paraphrase;

It is up to each of us to decide how much real-estate we permit each relationship takes up in our lives. If you view yourself as a prime piece of real-estate and reflect on how your particular piece of land is being rented how happy are you with the current arrangements? IF you are not completely happy you have every right and indeed should make changes!

Maybe that relationship that is currently sitting in one of your prime beach-front locations needs to be emotionally relocated to the back of your land, even if it is just for now until you are really able to invest the time and energy into repairing or evicting that tenant.

You are worth only the best of the best when it comes to your real-estate tenants. Don’t sell yourself short and allow squatters to poach on your emotional land. One relationship at a time, take stalk and clean house. You will feel more positive and better about yourself when you do this; it is VERY empowering!

Love yourself and fill your real-estate with prime quality tenants.



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