My Chicklets are the BEST!!!!

This morning, nice and early, I woke to rain. Since this was the day od the Run For a Cure 5K for breast cancer my spirits fell. I did not mind walking in the rain myself but my little ones were planning on coming with me. Soon after I heard my 5 year old telling her little sister that this was the big day! So full of excitement, I dreaded telling them they were staying home.

When he time came to let them they were upset but very quickly said that they still wanted to go and help. I was so proud of my Chicklets! Rain did not dampen their desire to be part of something that was going to help others……..a lesson we could all learn!

As it turned out, it did not rain hard and we all really enjoyed the walk. I was proud to see how many local educators were participating. I was also deeply moved by the now 26 year old who spoke of her three year journey which included 13 surgeries. I was saddened to see just how young many of the survivors were up on the stage. The courage of these women shone in their faces and my heart was touched by the atmosphere of kinship between survivors and those of us who were there to support the cause. 

The day was a great success and I have already signed up for next year. I am so glad to have helped my friend and all the others across Canada fighting to irradicate breast cancer. It was the best way I can think of to spend three hours on a Sunday morning!

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