“Salvation Army Feels Gay Parents Should All Be Killed”

I am sitting in a hotel room with a friend and fellow supply teacher……and she is reading shared reading from her Facebook page. One such led to a YouTube video stating that the Salvation Army wants all gay parents killed. My first reaction and comment was…..”Hmmmmmm…..can we say glass houses!?!?!?”

I was so angry and immediately went into defense mode…..launching a full series of retorts and arguments against these people! But I quickly realized that as much as I ranted and argued, I realized that it was going to get me nowhere positive. It only served to upset me more a d speak unkindly about others…who….well…..were speaking unkindly about me! When we read articles or hear arguments against something that have passionate (and often opposite feelings regarding) we have a choice;
1. React in anger and therefore respond harshly OR
2. React silently and respond with love and kindness.

Choosing the second option has left me feeling at peace with who I am with no absolutely no ill feelngs towards the individuals mentioned in this article…..just sadness for them living with such closed minds and hearts.

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2 thoughts on ““Salvation Army Feels Gay Parents Should All Be Killed”

  1. I am FAR from religious and could never make a pilgrimage to the nearest church as a scheduled time. But it does make me think…Why would those b-words say things like that? I mean, isn’t the Salvation Army somehow connected to the Catholic church? My grandmother, Monmae was dying of cancer in the 60s. She called them to see if they could help her with hospital bills to keep the burden off her family. This was an extremely devote Catholic woman who went to church and gave in their little trays weekly. Unfortunately she was turned down. But there is hope on the horizon…Pope Francis is speaking of a different way of thinking that the Catholic church can stop focusing on homosexuality because there are more pressing matters at hand. I can’t believe that anyone renounces homosexuality at all! I was not brought up like that, I never raised my daughter like that and I am positive that my grandchild isn’t going to be raised like that.

  2. Jennifer says:

    What I find interesting is when people respond with “that’s just wrong” when they mention a gay couple living next door or in the neighbourhood or at a local spot (and I’m on the receiving end of this a lot). I remember a link on fb from a gay man’s perspective on parenting with his partner that most people only focus on what goes on inside the bedroom. Frankly, I don’t like to think about what straight people do in the bedroom, why would I want to think about that with any other couple, gay or straight? The whole “wrong” notion is drawn from the OT in the bible, but people often forget what Jesus said in the NT, about loving one another and being kind and not throwing stones when none of us are without sin. The OT should just be burned so people stop thinking in black and white all the time. Just my 2 cent’s worth.

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