A Venture in Happiness…..

I have really been enjoying reading other people’s blogs. The vast array of writting styles and topics is almost overwhelming. I could easily spend endless hours reading and leaving my comments. One such post struck me in a very personal way today.

Someone wrote about concentrating on seeing things in their day to be appreciative about. They, at the end of the post, encouraged those who just finifshed reading this to try this  exercise in appreciation.  I felt like a higher force had led me to read this particular post today. I have struggled through my life to NOT focus on the negative but find the positive in my days. I have found since I started blogging that I was looking for interesting and usually positive things to share with our community. …..but I have decided to take this concept of finding the positive and use it in my blog.

I am going to create a new page called My Appreciations. I am committing to edititng this page every day; even those days I am not blogging. I am excited to see how this list of appreciations grows. Some will be big and others quite small and ordinary. I think that as I focus my mind this way I am not only going  to feel  not only happier but more capable to handle daily stresses calmly.

I encourage you to consider trying this type of exercise in your life. Let me know how it is going if you decide to embark on a “happiness” venture.


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