Missing The Chicklets…


Today after we got home from taking the little ones to school I noticed our younger dog, Riley, snuggled on the floor. Now usually if there is a shoe near him he is chewing on it……but this time he was just looking at ot forlornly. Until I saw his sad eyes looking up at me with my youngest daughter’s shoe in front of him I had never thought of how life’s changes affected the four legged members of our family.

In August we lost our 17 year old cat. She died naturally at home with us of old age. Just five days later we left for two weeks and our two dogs stayed at my in-law’s house. Then just three days after we all got home school started. Talk about a lot of changes in a short amount of time! Our poor dogs must have a abandonment complex by now! I know that most children would if they had to experience the past month as our two dogs have!

We are so lucky to have souls in our lives that love us unconditionally……..no matter what we do. Our two dogs have lost not only a companion in our cat Harley, but also their playmate that has been with them every day for the past four years when the other two went to school……she was always there to play with them and snuggle with them and pet them. My heart broke for Riley and our other dog Gizmo today for two reasons;
           1. They were missing the Chicklets while they were at school.
           2. I have been so self-absorbed in life’s daily stresses that until this morning I had not noticed and therefore not helped to make them feel better.

These beautiful creatures ask nothing in return for their unconditional love……..but they DESERVE so much more than they have been getting from me. Where do your pets land on your emotional radar? Something to think about……



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