To Dance or Not to Dance…..

My middle daughter is 5 1/2 years old and this should have been her third year dancing. All three of my girls used to dance. My oldest daughter has taught my younger two tap for the past two years. My middle daughter really enjoys to dance…at least up until now! We went the first week this year and she refused to go into class and started to cry. Completely confused we asked her why she would not go in and she said she was scared. Now, given that this is her third year we were at a loss. Later we found out that she was afraid of the new people in class. There are a few new dancers and three new demonstrators. She decided to try again this week….but when we got there she could not bring herself to go in. There are several girls from last year in her class again and her oldest sister is still teaching. She says that she wants to dance but is too scared. My youngest has decided that she is not going to dance at all this year. For the past two years she would only watch the class but then went on the “big stage” for the recital. This year it is just a flat no….and we are fine with that decision! If a child doesn’t want to do dance we are not going to force her.

But…..the issue is that my middle daughter wants to dance… here I am asking for advice. How can we help her get over her fear enough to go in once and try the class? We have told her we would sit in the studio with her but that is not enough for her. Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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11 thoughts on “To Dance or Not to Dance…..

  1. Sharon says:

    Maybe invite one or two of the kids in the class over for a play date to get to know them better. Maybe a few minutes with one or two of the we instructors so she gets to know them and sees that they aren’t so scary? How was she going to her new class at school the year? That would be a similar intubation, new teach and some different kids. Could it be more than just being scared of the dance class and she can’t express it? Continue to take her as long as she shows an interest in even watching. Maybe one day………

  2. Jennifer says:

    Do they wear costumes at the dance rehearsals? If so, would she feel more comfortable wearing one of her birthday princess costumes to a rehearsal??

  3. Jennifer says:

    Here’s an out of the box idea, would the instructor be willing to bring some students OUT of the class into the hall/front of the school to meet with your daughter and welcome her into the class? OR maybe go in first and sit where she can see you so she knows it’s “safe”? I wonder what scares her so much about it – would she perhaps be willing to draw a picture of her dance class she’s missing and where she thinks she’d be? I haven’t a clue, I feel so bad for your little girl but have no idea what would be the best. Thinking of you all!

  4. donald chang says:

    Would she be more comfortable me if mommy or momma actually went I and introduced your children to the new kids? Or maybe violet could do it?or her big sister?

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