Welcome to our blog! This is a new adventure for me. I have been blogging for a local retail blog for a while now and thought that I would like to share our family journey with you. We are, as said in our “About” page, an average family. We just happen to have 2 Mommies instead of 1 Mom and 1 Dad. Every aspect of our lives have an extra dose of estrogen which, at times, can add humour or challenges to our experiences. Sometimes having 2 Moms that are “in charge” can be a struggle while at the same time it is a most loving, caring environment that I would not change for the world!

I am in early 40’s and am a school supply teacher. I am also on a mission to change my lifestyle to be healthier. These are the things I will blog about; my family and children, occurrences that are of interest from work and anything and everything relating to a healthy lifestyle. I hope you join me on this journey our life. You may be interested how a “same-sex” couple and family live, or you may know us personally or just find our blog interesting. No matter what the reason you are reading this blog I thank you and encourage you to follow along as we share our life’s adventure with you. I look forward to reading your replies and comments to my various posts. 


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