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“Salvation Army Feels Gay Parents Should All Be Killed”

I am sitting in a hotel room with a friend and fellow supply teacher……and she is reading shared reading from her Facebook page. One such led to a YouTube video stating that the Salvation Army wants all gay parents killed. My first reaction and comment was…..”Hmmmmmm…..can we say glass houses!?!?!?”

I was so angry and immediately went into defense mode…..launching a full series of retorts and arguments against these people! But I quickly realized that as much as I ranted and argued, I realized that it was going to get me nowhere positive. It only served to upset me more a d speak unkindly about others…who….well…..were speaking unkindly about me! When we read articles or hear arguments against something that have passionate (and often opposite feelings regarding) we have a choice;
1. React in anger and therefore respond harshly OR
2. React silently and respond with love and kindness.

Choosing the second option has left me feeling at peace with who I am with no absolutely no ill feelngs towards the individuals mentioned in this article…..just sadness for them living with such closed minds and hearts.

Thanks for reading,


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“Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.”

Ever wonder why it is that things don’t always go the way we envisioned? One of my youth leaders was famous for saying,

“Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.”

I had a plan; finish my undergrad, get married, have children, and stay home and raise my several children. Yeah……after one child in a very toxic, emotionally and verbally abusive marriage, I found myself in my early 30’s separated, jobless, and living in another city. WOW….didn’t see that one coming!

Then I made more plans. New, healthy, loving relationship, teacher’s college, marriage, supply list, and somewhere in between more babies, move off of the supply list into a classroom of my own as a contract teacher; allowing my wife to lower her work schedule and stay home with our Chicklets more. WELL…….much closer this time…..except for the moving off of the supply list part. This is my 6th year as a supply teacher; there just are not jobs to move into! And here is where my planning got stuck.

Funny, though, life didn’t get stuck. It continued and has provided me with a few surprises along the way. Back in Teacher’s College one of our professors  introduced us to the world of blogging. We were required to make post our responses to certain readings and to respond to each other’s posts. After convocation I never really thought about blogging again. Fast forward until last year….when I was introduced to this new “thing” called Pintrest. We won’t talk about the good 3 months of my life I lost to the process of becoming addicted to searching through the seemingly endless world of Pintrest and creating my own boards. What I did very slowly realize was that this whole “blogging” things was not only still around but seemed to represent an entire world that I knew nothing about!

I started to read a few of the blogs that various Pinterest pins directed me to and at some point during the early part of my journey to better health I decided to start my own blog to document my journey. was born! But as I mentioned in a previous post, only friends on Facebook read my posts and since I did not know anyone with a blogger account, I had no followers. The blog sort of just faded into the background of my life. Months later I was approached to write for a fashion blog. REALLY….ME!?!? Ummmmm…ok??  The owners of a local store really liked the way I wrote a letter for them and wanted me to do this for them…..and as simple as that one request, a new passion was born in my life.

This month, I decided to explore the possibility of potential jobs on different blogs or as a freelance writer. I noticed that a lot of ads mentioned something called and I figured I should find out what this was……and as simple as that one thought, my new blog was born.

Now, I  had not planned any of this….not the first blog, or the second blog, or writing for someone else’s blog, or looking for other work as a blogger or freelance writer….but that is exactly what has happened. As of today I am now expanding my blogging to include all things healthy. Whole foods, fitness, eating clean, and raw foods, and anything else dealing with the health and fitness industry. I find this opportunity to be VERY well timed since I just blogged about my first and I thought failed blog. It turns out it was that blog that caught the attention of my new boss and led him to ask if I would like to blog more in the health niche!

So….during the busiest week I have had in a very long time (I am not even home for dinner a single night until Friday!) I am now educating myself and blogging about areas of interest in the health and fitness field. COOL!!

So I think I need to stop making plans… seems that life is taking care of itself around me. Not my plans… life. I am glad that life has brought me down this road….and can’t wait to see what is around the next turn!


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Don’t Judge

Don't Judge

This is one of my new mantras in life. I found this on Facebook and have no idea who to give credit to for being the genius who wrote this phrase down for the first time. Every single person we meet has a story. Here in our WordPress community we share parts of our stories with anyone willing to take the time to read our blogs. Now I am very new here but so far I have not once found a judgemental comment left on someone’s post. Why is it that our larger society can’t be based on the same foundation of mutual respect and understanding of people and the lives we lead and the opinions we have?

I am far from naïve in thinking that there are bloggers out there who, once they know what the name of my blog means, do not agree with my life; and that is ok! I respect that! I also respect that I have not had one piece of negative feedback in any of my posts or my “About” page. Isn’t it a shame that the same would not happen if I started a column with the exact same content as my blog but in my local newspaper.

Maybe in time our respectful community here on WordPress will filter out into our larger society…….maybe…..if we remember that everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about and for that reason alone we always remember to be kind.

What do you think?

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To my teaching friends.

VERY well said!!!!

Empty Nest, Full Life

SONY DSCI am dedicating this post to all of my friends who teach, who reach out to kids, who understand that everyone learns at a different pace and in a different style. I dedicate it to all of my talented, smart, commited teaching friends who lie awake at night worrying about other people’s children.  I don’t want to be depressing or negative, but I feel this post sort of simmering in my heart, and I need to get it out before it does me harm.

Teachers understand that it is essential to use every  modality and every approach in order to reach every child.  We know instinctively that we have to adjust our expectations to draw in the children who are struggling to learn English, who are trying to overcome violent pasts, who are working so hard to learn in spite of serious disabilities.  We know that we need to reach…

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From Blogspot to WordPress; The Evolution of My Journey to Better Health

I have a confession…….this is not my first blog. That is right……although I am a WordPress virgin I started my blogging life at Blogspot. That blog never really got off the ground. The title of it is Forty Something and Getting Healthy and it was based on my  lifestyle changes I started last summer. If you would like to view it and follow me there the link is;

My journey has continued even if my blog posts have not. To be perfectly honest I found it very discouraging to be blogging with no followers. Many of my friends would read the link on my Facebook but I was looking to become part of the blogging community. This led me here to the WordPress community and I am happy to report…….I feel like I have finally found my way home!!

So…… health journey……..

Let me first say that this is a lifelong journey. If you are hoping to read that I have found the magical secret to becoming healthy after growing up largely (no pun intended) unhealthy I am sorry but I have not. Let me say it right here and now……THERE IS NO MAGIC ANSWER!!!!!!! What there is, is, hard work, dedication to change, resistance to “slipping backwards” and everything else you have read about and been told about, and not wanted or been unable to embrace. Now listen, this is not all bad news!! Bear with me for a minute and I promise I will show you the silver lining in what I just said…..ready? Here we go….

Today I spent a lot of time thinking how to turn around my recent “slump” in my journey to better health. This is the silver lining, my revelation;
                                                                                               The only thing better health is about is LOVE!

I know that at first glance this does not seem logical. Think about it though. Why would a person be willing to work so hard to change their eating habits? What would possess a person to get all sweaty and sore and out of breath by exercising? Why go against what has always come easy in life and embrace change when we all know that most often we resist change as much as cats do? Your first response may be to say; health reasons, to look better, because my doctor said I have to, or any number of other usually regurgitated  answers. But when we think about the motivation behind these answers it all comes down to love. Each and every one of us love ourselves enough to want to be healthier.

I am the first one to admit, just like the majority of women and men out there……..I believe that I don`t have good self esteem. But here`s the thing; we are all wrong! IF we did not love ourselves we would have given up by now! We would not have tried every crazy diet out there. We would have not gone back to the very exercises that we hate to do, and we certainly would not be here reading this post! It is all how we perceive our journey. So, let us put on our “rose-coloured” glasses and re-examine our efforts shall we?

We are tenacious because even though we have not made all positive steps forward and even maybe made a few steps backwards we are here……still doing….still revising our game plan. This proves that we will not give up! Everyone needs help with motivation at certain points in their life journey. This does not make us weak, it makes us resourceful! Everyone needs direction when venturing into new fields of interests or studies. This does not make us dumb, it makes us wise! When we carefully look at our actions along our journey it is obvious that we love ourselves a lot!

The next time you are finding yourself struggling on your journey I encourage you to lock back at this post. Go ahead and repost this on your own blog, book mark it, print it off or whatever’s going to keep this handy for when you need to remind yourself the real reason you are on your life journey; self love.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this part of my life journey!

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Amplifying Hope

Wonderful post about how when you focus on the positive you become more positive! A GREAT read!

"Family" Solutions

I was recently talking to new a client who wanted nothing more than to feel happier again. She had been to counselor after counselor throughout her adult life, not really feeling helped in the way she hoped to, and so a few weeks ago she started looking for something different. She saw my website, saw that I was gay-friendly, and that I did a kind of therapy called Solution-Focused Therapy, (something she hadn’t experienced before) and so she called me to set up an appointment. 

When she came in the following week, she told me that her previous therapists were unintentionally making her feel worse. She mentioned that they seemed smart and well meaning, but that the sessions were just not as helpful to her as she hoped they would be.  She would go into the session with them feeling hopeful about change, and subsequently spend an hour being asked…

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